Helping Put the Pieces in Place


Vitalize Healthcare Ltd. Co.

Located in the heart of Louisville, KY. We at Vitalize Healthcare believe that the vitality of our guest's health and well being is our priority. Our three core values are: community, empowerment, and freedom. At Vitalize our behavioral health professionals are referred to as "team members", our clients/patients are referred to as "guest", and all those we engage with in the community are referred to as our "community partners!!" We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide needed services to individuals and families where they are as we seek to create a barrier free atmosphere at Vitalize. 

We are enthused to be able to serve our community. Every "Vitalizer" is expected to be active in the community because we want to Vitalize more than just the guest we serve. "We are better together!"


Our team members are the secret sauce to the success of Vitalize. Each team member is valuable and regardless of the title everyone's role is imperative in the effort to see more healthy community.

Our Office —
312 S. 4th St. #700

Louisville, KY  40202

(502) 213 - 5942

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